Nearly 300 Named to MTC Spring Dean’s List

Marion Technical CollegeMarion Technical College has named 293 full-time students to its 2013 Spring Term dean’s list. To qualify for the scholastic honor, a student must earn at least 3.5 out of a possible 4.0 academic average for the term and be enrolled at MTC as a full-time student.

Part-time students (less than 12 credit hours) during Summer, Fall and/or Spring Semesters of an academic year are named to the Dean’s List after Spring Semester by achieving a minimum accumulative 3.5 GPA with 12 or more credit hours included in the calculation for the three semester period. Full-time enrollment in any one of the three semesters during the academic year disqualifies a student from achieving Dean’s List under the part-time status provision.

Credits from classes graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U), credits for developmental classes (course id less than1000), and credits transferred in from other institutions are not calculated into your full-time or part-time load when your GPA is calculated.

Credits from classes graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) are not calculated into your full-time or part-time load when your GPA is calculated.

First Name Last Name City
Tyler Horn Arlington
Donald Norris Ashley
Kristine Tigner Athens
Stone Hoffman Bellville
Michelle Waugh Bellville
Sharon Brown Bloomville
Jolene Allison Brinkhaven
Nicholas Baldy Bucyrus
Brendon Bishop Bucyrus
Tina Blevins Bucyrus
Haley Burling Bucyrus
Barry Clayton Bucyrus
Catherine Clayton Bucyrus
Aurora DeJesus Bucyrus
Jesse Delaney Bucyrus
Ashley Diebler Bucyrus
Karen Geho Bucyrus
Sharon Goin Bucyrus
Jeremy Halm Bucyrus
Kaylin Jones Bucyrus
Roy Keckler Bucyrus
Jordan Keller Bucyrus
Kristy Raby Bucyrus
Matthew Riley Bucyrus
Reegan Scott Bucyrus
Eric Stander Bucyrus
Mary Truka Bucyrus
Jacquelyn VanScoder Bucyrus
Michelle Welsh Bucyrus
Bridgett Wurm Bucyrus
Brittany Baney Caledonia
Sarah Francisco Caledonia
Sydney Graham Caledonia
Brad Rainier Caledonia
Seth Rossiter Caledonia
Robin Schelb Caledonia
Miranda Smith Caledonia
Barbara Wakely Caledonia
Macy Baxter Cardington
Courtney Dobucki Cardington
Charity Edwards Cardington
Austin Elliott Cardington
Julya Faulkner Cardington
Laci Faust Cardington
Constance Foster Cardington
Dakota Halbert Cardington
Zina Harris Cardington
Brandon Jackson Cardington
Kristina Kaple Cardington
Jackie Kincaid Cardington
Christy Leonard Cardington
Christian MacCready Cardington
Diettra Minturn Cardington
Morgan Moodispaugh Cardington
Ashley Reed Cardington
Cassidy Scarberry Cardington
Anson Sherman Cardington
Alex Taha Cardington
Lori Vance Cardington
Jacob Webb Cardington
Kristina Bodey Carey
Lora Vehre Carey
Jenna Imwalle Celina
Lori Ach Centerburg
Jennifer Brooks Centerburg
Bethany Griffith Centerburg
Laura Mains Centerburg
Tadd Williams Chatfield
Mark Cole Columbus
Betsy Giles Columbus
Kristina Jameson Columbus
Danielle McClelland Columbus
Wendell Parrish Columbus
David Treneff Columbus
Dawn Shafer Columbus Grove
Dana Cross Crestline
Pamela Dunford Crestline
Mark Habick Crestline
Eric Wakely Crestline
Todd Gosselaar Cumming
Brittany Edwards Defiance
Carey Baker Delaware
Julia Bankert Delaware
Jenna Boliantz Delaware
Jeffrey Cantrall Delaware
Tiffany Deitch Delaware
Michelle Emans Delaware
Amanda Emmons Delaware
Nichole Flannery Delaware
Joel Greenwood Delaware
Meredith Heber Delaware
Rachel Ice Delaware
Natalie Koeritzer Delaware
Bernadette Lawless Delaware
Jedidiah Markley Delaware
Samantha Nieter Delaware
Caroline Proffit Delaware
Andrea Pyatt Delaware
Elizabeth Russell Delaware
Tammy Shaw Delaware
Michelle Snavely Delaware
Armi Stobinski Delaware
Jennifer Unger Delaware
Lexus Wolf Delaware
Joshua Lukander Dresden
Shane Cooper Dublin
Brenda Riddle Dublin
Kristin Tilley Dublin
Michelle Hoffman Edison
Jessica Mooney Edison
Teresa Mooney Edison
Jessica Prichard Edison
Dixie Pryor Edison
Melody White Edison
Jennifer Brand Forest
Anna Massara Forest
Regina Quint Forest
Cynthia Dominy Fredericktown
Collena Tucker Fulton
Lori Beeman Galion
Sierra Bell Galion
Elizabeth Collins Galion
Tavis Enderle Galion
Kendall Fout Galion
Mallory Garvin Galion
Sherri Leonard Galion
Jordan Main Galion
Cory Noggle Galion
Erika Siebenaler Galion
Audreana Smith Galion
Chad Speck Galion
Laura Uxley Galion
Julie Young Grand Rapids
Kelley Simpson Grove City
Kaylee Lear Harpster
Allie Smith Harpster
Erin Stankey Hilliard
Jeremiah Thiel Kenton
Kevin Titus Kenton
Sandra Adams La Rue
Miranda Bowden La Rue
Holly Haudenschield La Rue
Edward Waldo La Rue
Rachel Williams La Rue
Jessica James Larue
Kelli Martin LaRue
Juhee Im Lewis Center
Tayler Coulson Lexington
Kayla Duryea Lexington
Janaye Brown Lima
Julie Callahan Lima
Carla Williams Lima
Leonard Bradford Mansfield
Sabrina Chapman Mansfield
Rachel Lohr Mansfield
Emily Lovelace Mansfield
Carol Brown Marengo
Rebecca Duncan Marengo
Kayla Roush Marengo
Stephanie Alger Marion
Anthony Allen Marion
Farrah Arndt Marion
Ann Askin Marion
Andrew Ault Marion
Daniel Bambrick Marion
James Bard Marion
Sarah Barnett Marion
Jocelyn Bean Marion
George Beeler Marion
Ryan Bell Marion
Tara Bellville Marion
Trevor Bender Marion
Alexandra Berg Marion
Dylan Bernath Marion
Paige Berry Marion
Lacey Bialecki Marion
Bob Bishop Marion
Robert Blase Marion
Suzanne Blue Marion
Katherine Brown Marion
Mary Brown Marion
Raymond Brown Marion
Jared Bryan Marion
Michael Buchanan Marion
Donald Bynes Marion
Beth Carpenter Marion
Todd Casto Marion
Mikela Cellar Marion
Shane Chumbley Marion
Amy Cirillo Marion
Wesley Clark Marion
Judy Collins Marion
Linda Cooper Marion
Seth Coppler Marion
Kimberly Cottrill Marion
Donald Cowling Marion
Naomi Craig Marion
Kimberly Cranston Marion
Catrina Crawford Marion
Nicholas Cunningham Marion
Aaron Dadisman Marion
Joshua Dallas Marion
Daniel Day Marion
Noah Dean Marion
Shelby Dennis Marion
Charlotte Derrer Marion
Tony DeSimone Marion
Jessica Deyarmond Marion
C Driscoll Marion
Maria Edler Marion
Richard Effinger Marion
Aubrey Ellinwood Marion
Timothy Errington Marion
Terra Ferriman Marion
Dale Field Marion
Tara Fink Marion
Tonyah Fink Marion
Billie Fischer Marion
Milton Franklin Marion
Nickie Freeman Marion
Timothy French Marion
Erin Galyk Marion
Karla Gamel Marion
Ashley Garver Marion
Larry Givens Marion
Corey Hanf Marion
Stacie Hankins Marion
Joshua Harris Marion
Marvin Harris Marion
Jeffrey Hartman Marion
Joseph Heidrick Marion
Jon Henderson Marion
Rachel Hodge Marion
Natalie Hoffman Marion
Steven Hoffman Marion
Courtney Hostetter Marion
Emily Hulit Marion
Sherry Hutchins Marion
Joshua Jackson Marion
Tyrone Jackson Marion
Charles James Marion
Tyler Jones Marion
Betty Keller Marion
Bethany Kibler Marion
Richard Kindred Marion
Carol King Marion
Kenneth Koller Marion
Justin Lavery Marion
Ray Legge Marion
Bobbi Lemley Marion
Daniel Lenarz Marion
Orie Long Marion
Daniel Lucas Marion
Timothy Maceyko Marion
Matthew Manns Marion
Kenny Maran Marion
Jaimie Mason Marion
William Mason Marion
Terry Massie Marion
Elizabeth Mathias Marion
Colette Maxner Marion
Shannon Maynard Marion
Dillon McDermott Marion
Emily Miller Marion
John Millington Marion
Paul Mulder Marion
Willie Murphy Marion
Ryan Nester Marion
Zachary Norris Marion
Nathan Orms Marion
Alexis Osborn Marion
Raymond Pallares Marion
Kenneth Patierno Marion
Renee Patton Marion
Robin Pershing Marion
Jeffrey Price Marion
David Rayl Marion
Jacob Reese Marion
Kristen Reynolds Marion
Frederick Robbins Marion
Donald Robinson Marion
Joseph Rogers Marion
Cathy Runyon Marion
Roosevelt Rush Marion
Eric Russell Marion
Timothy Salyers Marion
Oscar Santiago Marion
Eric Scisum Marion
Lisa Sharrock Marion
Christina Shearer Marion
Stephanie Shoemaker Marion
David Sides Marion
Steven Sizemore Marion
Laura Skinner Marion
Donald Slattery Marion
Erwin Smith Marion
Shelby Smith Marion
Autumn Snider Marion
Chelsea Snyder Marion
Spenser Snyder Marion
Lavouia Spann Marion
David Speweike Marion
Charles Spurlock Marion
Margaret Standley Marion
Michael Starlin Marion
Eric Steeg Marion
Paige Stevenson Marion
Heather Stone Marion
Meghan Stose Marion
James Sturznickel Marion
Roy Tarbet Marion
Christopher Taylor Marion
Walter Thomas Marion
Sheena Thompson Marion
Robert Tosco Marion
Joseph Tracy Marion
Jimenez Velarde Marion
Brian Waltzer Marion
Emily Ward Marion
Jessica Watts Marion
Rachel Webb Marion
Craig Wheeler Marion
Dawud Wilson Marion
Staci Wilson Marion
Teri Wilson Marion
Robert Winfield Marion
Nakia Witcher Marion
Matthew Wolfe Marion
Nick Worden Marion
William Wright Marion
Amanda Allen Marysville
Austin Allen Marysville
Jessica Daniels Marysville
Shianne Knisley Marysville
Dana McGill Millersburg
Mark Tuttle Morral
Ashley Alspach Mount Gilead
Chase Beekman Mount Gilead
Katelyn Burson Mount Gilead
Jessica Chafin Mount Gilead
Janet Coffey Mount Gilead
Deborah Curtis Mount Gilead
Hannah Edgerly Mount Gilead
Briana Fannin Mount Gilead
Kimberly Harris Mount Gilead
Christa King Mount Gilead
Adam Lakey Mount Gilead
Pepsi Lemos Mount Gilead
Courtney Levering Mount Gilead
Dustin Mangrum Mount Gilead
Tyler Morr Mount Gilead
Alexandra Pettit Mount Gilead
Maria Rodriguez Mount Gilead
Elyssa Ullom Mount Gilead
Gabrielle Woods Mount Gilead
Mistie Lilley Mount Vernon
Amy Manns Mount Victory
Beth DeLong Nevada
Samantha Hampton Nevada
Megan Heinlen Nevada
Erin Long Nevada
Valerie Messmer Nevada
Jeanne Montgomery Nevada
Samuel Plott Nevada
Elizabeth Ritzler Nevada
Mariah Wilson Nevada
Carly Marks North Lewisburg
Jessica Tolliver Ostrander
Holly Joseph Powell
Elisabeth Pizutelli Powell
Melinda Carey Prospect
Mick Davis Prospect
Courtney Denton Prospect
Robert Hurst Prospect
Brandon Saxton Prospect
Melissa Hedges Radnor
John Baker Raymond
Shannon Bledsoe Richwood
Krimson Bowen Richwood
Lindsay Cox Richwood
Britney Gallant Richwood
Chelsea Pertuset Richwood
Mirranda Rhea Richwood
Deanna Roberts Richwood
Tracy Schilling Richwood
Jamie Jenkins Ridgeway
Laureen Bettac Shelby
Kimberly Durkovic Shelby
Brittany Hall Shelby
Richard Lynn Sunbury
Allison Salerno Sunbury
Matthew Sebring Sycamore
Kayla Heschel Tiffin
Lisa Levengood Tiffin
Landon Warnement Tiffin
Eric Barlow Upper Sandusky
Alissa Beamer Upper Sandusky
April Blue Upper Sandusky
Jenna Brocklesby Upper Sandusky
Danielle Brodman Upper Sandusky
Jamie Brown Upper Sandusky
McKenna Caldwell Upper Sandusky
Alexis Cameron Upper Sandusky
Alexandra Cheney Upper Sandusky
Cody Collins Upper Sandusky
Kayla Counts Upper Sandusky
Amanda DeJonge Upper Sandusky
Zachary DeLany Upper Sandusky
Taylor Dilley Upper Sandusky
Andy Ealy Upper Sandusky
Kelly Ellcessor Upper Sandusky
Tamara Fleming Upper Sandusky
Leslie Flores Upper Sandusky
Cory Frey Upper Sandusky
Taylor Graboski Upper Sandusky
Holly Higgins Upper Sandusky
Garrett Huston Upper Sandusky
Carrie Lear Upper Sandusky
Doreen Lemmert Upper Sandusky
Danial Maltsbarger Upper Sandusky
Kenneth McKee Upper Sandusky
Robert McKee Upper Sandusky
Brennen Miller Upper Sandusky
Clay Miller Upper Sandusky
Sierra Miller Upper Sandusky
Abigail Musgrave Upper Sandusky
Daniel Newell Upper Sandusky
Alec Oney Upper Sandusky
Sarah Rall Upper Sandusky
Chet Rittenhour Upper Sandusky
Gannon Ritter Upper Sandusky
Katherine Rowland Upper Sandusky
Cassandra Schindler Upper Sandusky
Justeen Searfoss Upper Sandusky
Lauren Shaull Upper Sandusky
Seth Sprang Upper Sandusky
Lindsay Taylor Upper Sandusky
Bonnie Thiel Upper Sandusky
Cheryl Thiel Upper Sandusky
Stuart Young Upper Sandusky
Thomas Gay Waldo
Zachary Penix Waldo
Amber Erhart Westerville
Kendra Lugin Westerville
Kara Isaacs Wharton
Brianna Orians Wharton

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