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Marion Online offers an affordable way to reach local consumers
expose your product or services to thousands of visitors every day!

Getting your message out to the thousands of daily Marion Online viewers is really easy. All you have to do is call or email us. We’ll answer all your questions and give you all the details on price, ad size, and more. We will not give you a hard sell, we’ll just provide you with information to help you market your business or organization effectively and affordably.

What’s the Cost?

Price, cost, the money…this is everyone’s first question and it’s an important one. We have ad placements that range in price from $100 to $400 per month which put your message in front of thousands of local viewers. The exact price depends on where your ad appears. There are discounts available for buying multiple months and for some non-profit organizations.

How is Marion Online Advertising Better?

Why should you advertise on Marion Online? First of all, because we’re really nice people and we want you too. Is that a good enough reason? No, we know it’s not.

Need a website?
Marion Online is owned and operated by Neighborhood Image, a local company specializing in design, hosting, and online marketing.
To learn more about how Neighborhood Image can help, contact us at 740-751-6548 or visit our website.

Billboard companies, newspapers, and radio stations can only give estimates on how many people they “think” will see or hear your ad. And, they have no idea what people did after they saw or heard your ad.

With Marion Online, we can

  • tell you exactly how many people viewed your ad;
  • tell you how many people took action and clicked on your ad.

You can then tell what people did on your site after they clicked on your ad. This includes

  • what they looked at,
  • how long they stayed,
  • what they bought, and
  • where they went afterwards.

This is valuable information that no other form of advertising can give you.

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