Thank You for Your Support

Guest Column written by Pam Stone, Executive Director of United Way of Marion County
The United Way of Marion County believes that we all win when everyone in our community thrives. It’s up to all of us to work together to ensure that youth start and graduate from school on time, families have the tools they need to become financially stable, and local citizens have access to healthcare.

With this in mind I think about the many things I am grateful for and I extend my deepest gratitude and thanks for your support to our United Way — past, present and future. We live in a generous community full of people who give of themselves to invest in 41 programs provided by 22 local agencies through the United Way.

Together, we are making a difference in our community. Working with you – our donors, partner agencies, corporate supporters, members of local, state and federal governments, school districts, and colleges and universities – we are accomplishing some pretty amazing feats:

Education — Working with more than 60 volunteers, teachers, and school administrators we are addressing issues like attendance, early learning, and recruiting mentors;
Income – Helping more than 60 families in the past year to find and keep affordable housing – with each of them maintaining stable housing for the 12 months after they received help;
Health – Saving Marion County residents collectively more than $1 million last year in prescription costs – now these patients are realizing better health and fewer trips to the emergency room.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands more have been touched by your generosity.

I am optimistic that, despite a stagnant economy, together we will continue to find the solutions to the most pressing needs that our family members, neighbors, co-workers and friends face on a day-to-day basis.

On behalf of the staff, board and hundreds of volunteers at the United Way of Marion County, I want to thank you – the people of our community – for your support, because we all win when a child succeeds, a family is financially independent, and our neighbors are healthier.

Pamela J. Stone
Executive Director
United Way of Marion County

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