City Playgrounds Battle for Supremacy, Science Days Winners

Today our sentimental journey is taking us to 1962 for a look at items that were not on the sports page.

Our first story for today was found in the Star July 14, 1962. The headline said “Glenwood Playground Takes Weekly Award” and had this sub headline “City Turnout Hits 4,177.”

Glenwood School playground, under the supervision of Dan Baker and his assistant Jacquie Beisler, has been named playground of the week, city recreation director Paul M. O’Rourke announced today.

Registration at Glenwood has reached 433, Mr. O’Rourke said, and activities include the regular playground program as well as a new class in bait casting. The playground also has five softball teams representing it in the competitive schedule.

The playground will receive the weekly rotating trophy, Mr. O’Rourke said.

Registration at the nine city playgrounds during the last week rose to a record high of 4,177, which was 700 more than the previous record, the director said. The game of the week was spud.

Receiving recognition on dress-up day Tuesday at the various playgrounds were the following, Cathy Lister, John Lister and Jim Lister, Lincoln Park: Mike Kerns, Carolyn and Dennis Alm, Betty Kaelber and Eva Rasnick, Glenwood: Becky Henry, Tom Bell and Peggy Mull, Oakland: Judy Shoup and Bob Shields, McKinley: Laura Shifflet, Hiram Reaper, Terry Hartman and Shannon Miller, Mark Street.

Donny Collins, Melinda Darnell, and Susan Clifton, Silver Street: and Gene Kline, Jill Gilmore, Terry Kline Debby Hawks, Vicky Kirby, Polly Haberman, Pam Wilson, Sandy Beitler, Hall Hawks and Jim Stonebreaker, Washington.

Doll show winners at Mark Street were Debby Armbruster, Debby Orcena, Kathy Rankin, Debby Allinder, Brenda Young, Gloria Fields, Jackie Orcena and Christine Caserta. The doubles championship in badminton was won by Eddie King and Rick McCrery, who defeated Steve Somerlot and Jerry Earhart in the finals.

Playing in the singles paddle tennis tournament finals this week were Rick Lisak and Roger Schultz.

A puppet show written by Eva Rasnick and Betty Kaelber was enacted Glenwood in a puppet theater made by Beverly Large.

Finalists in the shuffleboard tournament at McKinley are John Hochstetter, Kathy Tressler and Tom Chapman.

In inter-playground competition in softball, undefeated Silver Street Older Boys headed the winners list. Glenwood boys defeated Lincoln, and the girls won over Silver Street. Oakland girls defeated McKinley, then McKinley won over Garfield.

In the men’s round-robin horse-shoe tournament at Garfield Park, undefeated John Waddle took the crown.

Now let’s get to an article found in the Saturday March 17, 1962 Star with this headline, “97 Get Superior Science Ratings.”

Ninety-seven Harding and city junior high students won superior ratings Friday night on science and mathematics projects entered in the fourth annual Science Days at the high school.

The senior high students collected 59 top ratings and the junior high participants received 38 superior ratings. Two hundred seventy-four projects were entered.

Excellent ratings were given to 122 students, good to 52 and satisfactory to 3. Last year 82 superior awards were won for 300 projects entered. At the first Science Day only 58 such ratings were awarded.

The public may view the display in the Harding gymnasium and science classrooms until 5 p.m. today and from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday.

One hundred thirty judges took part in the evaluation of projects Friday night, inspecting them and talking with the students who made them.

It is possible that not every project will be permitted to be taken to the North Central Science Day at Tiffin April 14 due to the quota set for each school. The top projects were rated on a scale and had to receive 9 or 10 points. The decision on which projects will go possibly will be determined by the top scores.

Harding students receiving superior ratings were: Darrell Hamilton, Edna Jennings, Carole Osborne, Patricia Snow, Pat Vogt, Marcia Augenstein, Kay Ballinger, Lois Case, Jackie Cox, Jackie Ellison, Paul Faust, Barbara Fisher, Adele Floridia, Sharon Goldhardt, Patricia Martin, Suzanne Plymale, Eleanorann Power, Phil Reed, Gary Sontag, Ann Splete, Bobbi Thomas, Sharon Thorpe, Lillian Varner, Jim Werbel, Ted Wittibslager, Martha Yannitel, Roger May, Roger Shields, Ronald Snider, Deana Baker, James Boggs, Gary Clark and Tom Dallas.

Also Robert Hilborn, John Hix, Nancy Oborn, Larry Richendollar, Dick Sawyer, Jack Schaffer, Chris Swartz, John Willes, Charles Williams, Bill Williamson, Neal Hall, Ronald Bikacsan, Chancey Caldwell, Stephen Heisel, Jane Hill, Terri Imbody, Mildred Ishida, Carolyn Johnson, Linda Leadingham, Paula McCombs, Jean Marion, Richard Paterson, Pam Ritzler, Lynn Scranton, Douglas Shuck and Karen Wilkinson.

Junior High students receiving top honors were: Marna Babich, Dennis Belk, Brenda Boggs, Bonnie Brady, Bruce Brown, Jean Burch, Scott Cameron, Barbara Chappel, Judy Conkle, Louise Conyers, Ron Diegle, Valerie Emery, April Fischer, Wayne Fogle, Rodney Gebby, Gail Green, Linda Harbolt, Dick Henry, Gary Jolliff and Jane Kelsey.

Also Steve Langdon, Steve McKenzie, Terry Metz, Larry O’Day, Larry Orcena, Peggy Patrick, Carl Petrich, Lynn Quigley, Rita Reams, Nancy Richards, Karl Ritzler, Linda Sherer, Marc Shoemaker, Norma Sims, Bill Smith, Jane Stafford, Larry Vermillion, David Young.

(Must have been a pretty smart group of youngsters.)

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