Edison Jr. Athletes are Entertained

Sentimental Journey Volume XVI, Issue 15A, April 16, 2014

Today we are taking up part two of last weeks column from Monday, November 1, 1948, about the Halloween parade. Remember, last week we finished with the first and second grade prize winners. Today, we begin with the third grade and go up from there.

Third grade prize winners were: Roberta DeBolt, Michael Glasco, Jeneen Bond, Wayne Keckler, Margaret Romine, Larry James Weston, Pam Neville, and Curtis Pickens.

Fourth grade winners were: Jayne Neidhart, Dan Weary, Lois Ann Stroupe, Delbert Collins, Irene Lucille Price, Tommy Fix, Ethel May Land, Tommy Whittinton, and Jack Houesworth.

Fifth grade winners were: Sandra Reed, Dennis Webber, Patsy McClenathan, Harvey Clark, Marlene Henry, Richard Kelber, Rita Hinton, and Richard King.

Sixth grade winners were: Shirley Brake, Francis Mahoney, Ann Oberlander, Stanley Lawrence, Veta Davis, Bob Patrick, Marie Elaine Dripps, and Bob Weston.

Seventh grade winners were: Lenore Fahrney, Dan Artz, Sally Freese, Leslie Irey, Norma Call, Jack Kellogg, Marilyn Neville, and Jack Lumberson.

Eighth grade winners were: Joan Dailey, Dick Hosey, Janet Ball, Dorrance Reterer, Barbara Bull, David Koenig, Wanda Barlow, and Richard Hardin.

The next paragraph has this bold print introduction. “Prizes at Rollarena.”

The following prizes for the best costumes at the dance at the Rollarena were awarded as follows: boy’s bicycle to Bob Phillips, Harding High; girl’s bicycle to Dorothy M. Cooper, Harding High; table lamp to Donna Black, Central Jr. High; sapphire ring to Minnie Hinton, Edison Jr. High; jacket to Merle Vance, Pleasant High; radio to Ray Jackson. Morral High; pen and pencil to Nancy Crissinger, Harding High; Pen and pencil to R. P. Vichas, Harding High; girl’s sweater to Suzanne King, Harding High; desk lamp to Bob Gorby, Pleasant High; doll baby to Barbara Boler, St. Mary High; traveling kit to Cliff Alexander, Vernon Jr. High; desk lamp to Peggy Bacon, Central Jr. High; boy’s sweater to Kenneth Burrey, Harding High; compact to Darlene Denton, Edison Jr. High; fender guides to Alvin Lindley, Richwood High; $15 cold wave to Carol Lord, Central Jr. High; radio aerial to Freddie Smith, Harding High; $10 permanent wave to Shirley Postell, Central Jr. High; boy’s sweater to Fred Coffey, Harding High;nail polish and lipstick to Betty Compton, Caledonia High; magnifying glass to Paul Bell, Harding High; theater tickets to Betty Weir, Caledonia High; toilet articles to Merle Kilborn, Morral High; theater tickets to Pat Kohbarger, Central Jr. High; and toilet articles to Stan Jordan, Harding High.

Our next item for today appeared in The Marion Star Tuesday March 23, 1948 with this headline. “EDISON JR. ATHLETES ARE ENTERTAINED.” Under this a smaller headline said, “Football and Basketball Letters Are Awarded.”

Members of the Y-Teens of the seventh, eighth and ninth grades of Edison Junior High school entertained the school varsity and reserve basketball teams and the football lettermen with a chili supper Thursday afternoon at the school. Tables for the affair were arranged in a block letter E and decorated in blue and gold. Sixty guests were present.

Barbara Rech served as toast mistress. The invocation was given by Maxine Beachum and group singing was led by Marilyn Green.

Preceding the supper, a stunt was given by the initiates into Y-Teens, and games were led by Coach George Whitehead. James E. Frew, principal of the school, gave a short talk, and sport movies were shown.

Awards were made by Coach Whitehead as follows: for football, Ronald Geer, Bob Smith, Don Thurston, James Buck, Nelson Luke, Paul Geissler, Ben Eddy, Max Smith, Richard Arthur, Clarence Reeves, Jim Edington, Dick Severns, Leroy Dean, and Bob Parish, manager, and for basketball to Clarence Reeves, Jim Edington, Dick Severns, Leroy Dean, Bob Parish, Dick Mason, Harry Applegett, James Heisel and James Ferriman, manager.

Committee in charge of arrangements for the supper were as follows: Barbara Rech, Betty Plantz and Ruth Bolander, stunt; Marilyn Green Jean Mather and Birdie Borland, decorations; Patsy Toombs, Joan Keller, Nancy Gearhiser and Pearl McCartney, refreshments; and Margaret Lee, Shirley Short and Barbara Rech, place cards.

Advisors of the Y-Teens are Mrs. Irene Moore, Mrs. Elsie Runkle and Miss Virginia Llewellyn.

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