1957 at Harding High School and City Grade School Musical Festival

Today our sentimental journey is taking us to 1957 for another look at what was going on at Harding High School.

Tuesday May 7. 1957 this article appeared with this headline. “Harding High’s Awards Assembly Slated Friday,” and this underlined smaller headline appeared above the main one. “100 Students To Be Honored.”

The annual awards assembly at Harding High School will be held Friday during the regular assembly period. Nearly 100 students will be honored, Darl Gatchell, principal, said today.

The DAR award will be presented to Cara Sue Minshall for receiving the highest score on a history test. Making the presentation will be Miss Pansy Rauhauser.

Jane Willauer will receive an award as the outstanding home-maker, to be presented by Mrs. Pauline Drake.

Future Engineer awards will go to Phil Sykes and runners-up Richard Mickley and Dave Walker. Presentations will be made by Joseph Petrich.

Recipients of American Legion awards will be to Leo Savage, Noan Shoup, Alan Short and Sharon Varner. Presentations will be made by Miss Margaret Wolfley.

Beryl Johnson will present YMCA awards to Nancy Byrd, Janet Hunter, Sue Montgomery, Jim Lightner, Dick Kibbey and Charles Ziegler. These are awarded on the basis of selection for participation in the state youth for government program.

WMRN awards will be presented by Robert T. Mason as follows: Margaretann Romine, Wallace White, Steve Jenkins, Ray Shumacker, Walter Wesley, Sue Smiley, Gwen Erwin, Ann Rea, Dan Guthery, Bonnie Flower, Howard Klehm, Sue Hufert, Janet Hunter, Leo Savage, Mary K. Jobe. These persons have assumed responsibility for “The Harding Reporter’ program throughout the school year.

Miss Isabel Freer will present office assistants certificates to students who have given of their free time to help in the office during the year. They are Antoinette Adamczak, Beverly Armbruster, Mary Barkley, Ruth Barkley, Carol Boxwell, Pam Busick, Nancy Byrd, Beth Campbell, Susan Eicher, Donna Eller, Janet Hunter, Joyce Mustard, Francis Salyer, Sharon Short, Sharon Smith, Judy Speck, Judy Stout, Martha Vestal and Heidi Weinbaum.

Library Council awards will be presented by Miss Kathryn L. Moore to the following library assistants: Janet Augenstein, Nancy Bodell, Judy Brown, Patty Deem, Judy Dickson, Melba Haas, Susan Hufert, Jane Loudenslager, Ruth Miers, Sally Montgomery, Sue Montgomery, John Perry, Larry Roush, Mary Slane, Sue Smiley, Cynthia Snow, Thelma Stapleton, Aija Veldre and Lois Weintraub.

Everett Shafstall will be awarded the basketball trophy for being the squad member with the highest scholastic average this year. The presentation will be made by James Gibson.

General scholarship award winners will be awarded certificates by Ray Silver. State honorable mention awards will go to Miss Minshall and Richard Mickley, as well as district award certificates. Melinda Kohler also will receive a district recognition. Students in addition to these three who were county winners and will receive certificates are Marilyn Mattison and Ronald Rish.

Honorable mention certificates for the county will be presented to Sandra Jenkins, Philip Sykes, Richard Busick, David James, Walter Wesley, Clint Collins, Charles Shukest, Sally Campbell, James Lightner, Paul Bailey, Emily Rinnert, Bruce McLean, Sandra Leech, Hannah Morgan, Gene Remmy, Max Carroll, Beverly Armbruster, Jack Kerr, Ruth Ann Miller, Noan Shoup, Beverly Gettys, Nancy Byrd, Brent Martin, Sondra Coon and Constance Morrison.

Award winners in The Marion Star’s second annual general information quiz will be introduced by John A. Maxwell Jr., editor. Four Harding students placed among the top six in the city and two others involved in ties were presented prizes by The Star shortly after the test was given February.

High scorers in the Time magazine current events test will be recognized by Mrs. Mildred Grigsby, and members of the national Honor Society by Mr. Gatchell. Football trophy winners also will be introduced.

Elaine Coy, Mary Barkley and Nancy Stumbo will be in charge of devotions for the assembly.

Our second item for today appeared in The Marion Star Friday May 3, 1957 with this headline. “City Grade School Musical Festival Is Slated Monday.”

The admission free annual elementary instrumental music festival will be held at the Harding High School auditorium Monday at 8 p. m.

Selected students from orchestras and bands in the city’s elementary schools will play in the all-city orchestra and band, directed respectively by George W. Lane and Edward Miller, instrumental instructors.

In addition to several selections by both the band and orchestra students will be heard in solo and ensemble groups as follows: drum solo, Bob Kannel, Vernon; violin solo, Ray Schwab, Washington; saxophone duet, Cynthia Burns, Washington and Rickie Ishida, Mark St., and flute sextet from Pearl St., Linda Brown, Annette Gibbon, Susan Hardin, Rebecca Krebs, Cotton Lightner and Mary Ann Parshall.

Orchestral numbers will be “All Through the Night,” “March Slav” by Tschaikovsky, “Prayer From Hansel and Gretel,” Humperdinck; “Finlandia,” “Sibelius,” and “Sonastina,” Mozart. All numbers are arranged by Isaac.

The band selections will be; “Conestoga Overture,” Powers; “Carnival for Trumpets,” Kinyon; “Mexican Folk Dance,” and “Cowboy Legende,” both by Powers.

A free-will offering will be taken during the program.

Sentimental Journey Volume XVI, Issue 43A

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