Election Officials Trying To Clear Up Confusion

The Marion County Board of Elections is reminding absentee voters that an additional form may need filled out in order for some ballots to be counted. The Board is also warning voters that contrary to a mass-mailed postcard, you cannot request an absentee ballot for two elections at the same time.

The extra form in question, ordered by the Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, is required for those people who are voting by absentee ballot and changing their declared political party affiliation at the same time.

For example, if you are a registered Democrat, but request a Republican absentee ballot, you will need to fill out a form and sign it declaring your intent to switch declared parties. This form is also for those switching from Republican to Democrat, but does not include those requesting third party ballots.

The form is sent along with your absentee ballot and has to be filled out completely and signed. Detailed instructions are included on the form. Without this, the Board of Elections is not allowed to count your votes in the Primary Election.

The Board of Elections is also warning voters that a mass-mailed postcard is incorrect. The card, sent out by the Ohio Republican Party, asks voters to complete the postcard and send it back to receive an absentee ballot for the May Primary and the November General Election. It is against the law for the Board to send out absentee ballots for more than one election using the same request.

To get more information, contact the Marion County Board of Elections at 740-223-4090. You can also vote in the May Primary by visiting their office at 222 West Center Street, inside the Marion County Building.

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