Man Scheduled to Die for Bucyrus Murders Maintains Innocence

Quentin Reeves was just 4 years old when he survived a 1994 shooting that killed three people and wounded two, including his sister.

A story from the AP says, despite his youth at the time, Reeves said he has no doubt today that Kevin Keith, scheduled to die next month for the triple slaying, was the man who opened fire.

"I know. I was there that night," Reeves told the Ohio Parole Board on Wednesday.

"He shoots everybody just laying there," Reeves said. "What can we do? Call for help? I seen sparks coming down. Soon enough my sister gets up, after she had got shot. And he shoots her again. What can I do?"

Keith, 46, maintains his innocence and is seeking a full pardon, a rare request by a death row inmate. His attorneys have identified an alternate suspect. They say four people place Keith elsewhere that night and claim there are problems with the survivors' identification of Keith as the attacker.

A key argument is that Quanita Reeves, Quentin's sister, told police a man named "Bruce" shot her, not Keith, and she excluded a picture of Keith in a photo array.

Reeves' mother, Joyce Reeves, told the board by live video teleconference from Mansfield that her daughter, who knew Keith previously, often mixed up Keith's name with Bruce.

Quanita Reeves said in a statement she presented to the board that she is sure Keith was the man who shot her. She said she saw Keith's face "as plain as day."

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