Marion law enforcement organization issues “no confidence” letter against Sheriff candidate

Fraternal Order of PoliceThe Steve Young Memorial Lodge #24, Marion County Fraternal Order of Police issued a letter of “no confidence” Tuesday against a candidate for Marion County Sheriff. In the letter, the lodge said that multiple issues, including “associating with known criminals,” caused them to issue their stance against Ronald Scheiderer.

Below is the full text of the letter submitted by the FOP.

The Steve Young Memorial Lodge #24, Marion County Fraternal Order of Police is comprised of 149 active and retired law enforcement officers from the Marion Police Department, Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Marion County Probation Departments and the Multi-County Correctional Center. Lodge #24 has an active interest in maintaining the integrity of the Office of Sheriff in Marion County and insuring that the citizens of Marion County understand that a candidate has less than stellar credentials.

WHEREAS; Ronald D. Scheiderer, a candidate for Marion County Sheriff, was once sued in Federal Court for his actions as a Deputy Sheriff for a civil rights violation.   It was alleged that Scheiderer threatened to evict an interracial music group from a building in Prospect, Ohio because the townspeople would injure them, and for telling the landlord to evict them because the town would not accept them.   While the court determined that civil rights were not violated, it did admonish Scheiderer by saying “We do not condone the actions of the deputy, who would have served his office more honorably by unequivocally protecting the appellants regardless of the unpopularity his actions might have evoked.”   

WHEREAS; Ronald D. Scheiderer failed to follow federal law and/or ruled while the owner of Studio 51 Multi-Media Productions, LTD as the licensee of Station WMNO-CD by committing FCC violations; Studio 51 Multi-Media Productions was fined for these violations of law but the penalties were eventually waived because Scheideder argued he could not pay.   However, the station was admonished by the FCC for “its willful and/or repeated violations of section 73.3539(a), 73.3526(e)11(iii)), 73.3514(a), and 73.3615 of the commission rules, and Section 301 of the Act.”   

WHEREAS; Ron Scheiderer Associates and his attorney were found jointly liable for over $45,000 in attorney’s fees after being found to have filed a frivolous lawsuit against the City of London, Ohio and the Madison County, Ohio Prosecutor.   This judgment was affirmed unanimously by the Ohio Supreme Court in 1998.

WHEREAS; Ronald D. Scheideer has been a defendant several times in civil litigation and foreclosures for failing to pay his legal obligations, leading in some cases to a garnishment of wages.

WHEREAS; Ronald D. Scheiderer and his associates reportedly were telling neighbors and potential witnesses to not cooperate with the investigation of the murder of Lee McGary on Park Street in the City of Marion.

WHEREAS; Ronald D. Scheiderer has associated with known criminals.   In July of 2015, Chancey McMahon was caught driving Scheiderer’s vehicle is just one example.   Ron Scheiderer also had a firearm stolen from his unoccupied vehicle.   

Therefore, be it resolved that the members of the Steve Young Memorial Lodge #24, Marion County Fraternal Order of Police are advising the citizens of Marion that they have NO CONFIDENCE in Ronald D. Scheiderer should he be elected Sheriff of Marion County, Ohio and urge the voters to NOT vote for Mr.Scheiderer.

Respectfully submitted,
Members of The Fraternal Order of Police Steve Young Memorial Lodge #24

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