Marion Public Health kicks off annual grass and weed program

Marion Public Health has entered into a contract with the City of Marion to assure property owners maintain their property in accordance to certain City Ordinances. Because the work involved is largely dependent upon how quickly the grass and weeds are growing and that is unpredictable, the length of the contract is dependent upon how long initial funding lasts. The Health Department and the City may choose to negotiate an extension if additional funding is needed to cover the whole year.

Marion Public Health will accept anonymous grass and weeds complaints made over the phone at (740) 387-6520 or you can complete a Grass & Weeds Complaint form at the health department located at 181 S. Main Street. You may also print a Grass & Weeds Complaint form off of the health department website and mail the form to our office.

The Codified Ordinances of the City of Marion, Chapter 678 prohibits grass or weed growth in excess of 12 inches. Yards determined by the health department to have grass or weed growth in excess of 12 inches will have an order notice conspicuously posted on the property and a copy of the notice will be sent certified mail to the property owner. The property owner will have 5 days to bring the property into compliance with the grass and weed ordinance. In the event the property owner does not comply with that order, the owner will be referred to the prosecutor or law director for prosecution. The owner will be responsible for court costs and for restitution of any costs involved in mowing the property.

Every attempt is made to locate the owner of a vacant property. If the owner cannot be located, per Ohio Revised Code, Section 731.51, a notice must be placed in the newspaper and then the Health Department can have the property mowed and the costs involved placed on the tax duplicate as an assessment.

Any owner of a foreclosed property is still responsible for the property until the deed is no longer in their name. This could take 2 years or more. It is the property owner’s responsibility to follow up with the Bank until their name is removed from the deed. The health department will follow the legal process involved that requires the health department provides proper notification and to allow for “due notice” to the property owner.

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