Aqua Ohio begins water meter replacement program, area residents should expect letters, visits

Aqua OhioAqua Ohio (Aqua) announced that it is beginning a comprehensive water meter upgrade program in the Marion water system on May 8, 2017. Customers will get their first notification via a letter in the mail.

“Providing quality drinking water and ensuring that it is there when our customers need it is an awesome responsibility,” said Area Manager Scott Ballenger. “It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about managing this resource, but meters play a critical role in that effort. The average lifetime of a meter is between 15 and 20 years. As our meters begin to approach that mark, we replace them with new meters in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Public Utility Commission of Ohio.”

Ballenger said customers in the area will begin getting letters the first week of May with instructions on how make the appointment to have their old meter or remote replaced. Removing the old meter and installing the new one takes less than an hour.

Aqua is reminding customers that their employees drive Aqua-branded vehicles, wear uniforms with an Aqua logo and carry photo identification cards with the company logo as well. Vanguard Utilities Service Inc., the project contractor, will be clothed differently, but will have similar photo identification cards. Both Aqua and Vanguard employees undergo background checks. Further, because appointments are necessary for all in-home meter exchanges, the customers will schedule their own appointments and know on what day and time to expect Vanguard to perform the exchange.

You can visit for more information, or follow Aqua on Facebook at and on Twitter at @MyAquaAmerica.

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