County Park District hosting dinosaur program at Tallgrass Trail

If you like dinosaurs, you might want to attend The Hidden World of Dinosaurs on Friday, June 30, 2017 from 6:30 to 8:30pm at the Marion County Park District’s Tallgrass Trail Shelter, 2093 Holland Road West.

Are dinosaurs really extinct? If so, why. If not, who’s still here? Did dinosaurs live in Ohio? What was the Lost Interval? How do we know so much about them, or do we really know so much? How accurate was Jurassic Park? Which famous paleontologist may have been the prototype for Indiana Jones? Was T rex the ferocious terror of the movies or just a sort of overgrown vulture? Did they really eat cavemen? What were the Bone Wars? What did a dinosaur egg look Like? (Touch a piece of one too.) Hear about some wild dino goofs and some fun stories. Touch a 65+ million year old dinosaur coprolite. Learn where you can visit dinosaur replicas less than an hour from Marion.

This program is recommended for children 8 and older and adults.

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