Craig Seitter: athlete, volunteer, and more

What’s special about Craig Seitter? Nothing really, except for a contagious smile, great work ethic, and an athletic drive.

Becky and Allen Seitter welcomed Craig into the world in August of 1982. Craig was born with Down syndrome. At birth, he did have some complications that kept him at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus for about a week. But other than that, Craig has been a pretty typical middle child with one older brother and a younger sister.

Becky said that Craig has received services from the Marion County Board of Developmental Disabilities since the beginning.

“It was critical in Craig’s development to receive services so early,” Allen said. “Early Intervention is so important for any infant, but particularly important when you have Down syndrome.”

Craig continued his education and graduated from Marion City Schools. He enjoyed school and said he spent a lot of time “chasing the girls away.”

Craig is 35 years old now and is very active in the Marion community.

He loves sports. He participates in track, golf and basketball for Marion County Special Olympics and loves it.

“He’s competitive and loves to play. We have a big basketball team so sometimes we have to explain to him that it is important to let other people play too,” Becky said. “He doesn’t like to sit out for very long,” she added.

Craig volunteers at St. Mary’s school doing whatever they need. He helps with janitorial duties like cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and taking out the trash. He works five days a week at the school and really enjoys being busy.

“Kids can be messy,” he said about the work, but added that he really doesn’t mind that and is happy to do whatever they need.

Craig likes his routine. He visits the Marion Y regularly and has attended a lot of different classes including kickboxing and a Yoga class that he did with his mom. He goes to the Marion Public Library almost every Saturday and is a fan of the movie selection. “Action movies are my favorite,” he adds.

When asked how the experience has been raising a child with Down syndrome, the Seitters’ answered the question as if it were a nonissue.

“We have been very blessed. Craig is a pretty typical guy, really,” Becky answered. “The only difference is when he says “I love you,” you know it is sincere and heartfelt.

Story submitted by Marion County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

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