OhioHealth donates $100,000 to MTC for Anatomy, Physiology Lab

OhioHealth is donating $100,000 to support the training of future health care workers at Marion Technical College (MTC) in a new, state-of-the-art anatomy and physiology lab.

“OhioHealth is proud to support Marion Technical College (MTC) to upgrade the college’s Skills Lab, offering a more comprehensive experience to students there, including the addition of cadavers for the students to study,” says Christopher Truax, Chief Operating Officer of OhioHealth Marion General Hospital. “We are investing in future employees and want them to be prepared to provide the best care to our patients.”

MTC’s new 1,400 square foot classroom will provide a modern lab with hands-on learning for health care students taking anatomy and physiology.

“This will enhance students learning and help them be even better prepared for providing patient care,” said Ryan McCall, President of MTC. “We value OhioHealth’s partnership as we work together to meet the needs of today’s workforce.”

Thanks to this donation, construction is starting now on the new lab in Bryson Hall. This new lab will benefit all students who take anatomy and physiology, including MTC’s nursing students and medical assistants. MTC sonography students will be able to see how the organs lie within the body. Students studying physical therapy and occupational therapy assisting will be able to see the muscles as they learn about their function and relationship to other body structures.

“This will provide hands-on experience to take learning out of the textbook and into real life,” Truax added. “Students will be able to see the variations in individual body structures and witness the effects of disease.”

In addition to financial support, OhioHealth will provide clinical guidance and in-kind support. OhioHealth will be able to use the MTC lab for physician and staff training as well.

MTC and OhioHealth have a long-standing partnership. MTC values the clinicals and practicum learning experiences for our health care students. OhioHealth hired more than 200 graduates between 2011 and 2015.

Recently, OhioHealth and MTC partnered with Marion City Schools to create a healthcare track for high school students who can complete college-level courses. Harding High School students who follow the program will be able to leave high school with a medical assisting certificate and be able to apply for jobs at OhioHealth, meeting a local workforce need.

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