Tips Offered For Planting and Water Use

Ohio American Water is kicking off the summer season by encouraging customers to consider the environment in their lawn and garden activities.

“In addition to being a time for friends and families to remember and honor our veterans, the Memorial Day weekend also marks the official kick-off of summer. As part of our commitment to promote sustainability and to protect the environment, we encourage customers all across the state to consider how their actions this summer can have a positive impact on the environment and their community and to do what they can to make a difference by taking advantage of a few simple tips,” said Ohio American Water President David Little.

Ohio American Water offered the following tips:

  • Select the right plants for your yard and plant them in the right place.
  • Consider plants that are native to Ohio or are drought-tolerant.
  • Consider sun, shade, slope of land and soil when choosing plant types and their location.
  • Group plants by their needs so you can water and fertilize on the same schedule.
  • Fertilize responsibly to reduce nutrient runoff which can diminish water quality and negatively impact aquatic life.
  • Use phosphorus-free lawn fertilizer.
  • Use fertilizer in recommended amounts.
  • Do not fertilize up to the edge of a waterway or drainage area.
  • Do not dispose of grass clippings or leaves in or near a waterway since the decaying materials can negatively impact stream quality.
  • Do not overwater your lawn. Use timers and rain sensors to control how much and when you water.
  • Water early in the day, or late in the evening when evaporation rates will be lower.
  • Use mulch to prevent water loss through evaporation from the soil.

Company officials say customers may view an example of a water wise landscape by driving by Ohio American Water’s corporate office in Marion. They say the landscape features native and drought resistant plants and grasses. In addition to protecting the environment, they say it also keeps operating costs down.

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