Rushmore Academy director resigns, MCS preparing to reintegrate the alternative school

The Marion City Schools Board of Education accepted the resignation of Rushmore Academy Director Steve Vanderhoff at Monday’s board meeting. Vanderhoff’s resignation follows an understanding between the Marion City School District and Rushmore Academy to reintegrate Rushmore’s alternative educational opportunities back into the framework of the comprehensive K-12 school district. The transition of the community […]

State superintendent to visit Marion City Schools

The state superintendent will visit Marion City Schools on Friday to learn more about how the district is preparing students to be college/career ready and meeting the needs of the community. Superintendent Paolo DeMaria will tour Marion Harding High School and Rushmore Academy, a community school sponsored by Marion City Schools, on Friday afternoon. His […]

OhioHealth removes barrier for Rushmore Academy students seeking employment

A casual conversation during their kids’ soccer practice between Dr. Heather Columber, OhioHealth family physician, and Todd Schneider, assistant director of Rushmore Academy, resulted in a win for the entire community. During their bleacher talk, Schneider expressed his concerns to Dr. Columber about a barrier in the employment program that Rushmore has set up with […]

Rushmore Academy Board Holding Meeting

The Rushmore Academy Board of Education will meet on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 7:30 am. The meeting will be held at The Rushmore Academy, 1565 Amherst Drive in Marion (the former Colonial Acres Elementary school).