License Plates Now Required for All Purpose Vehicles

Effective June 7, 2010, all purpose vehicles (APVs) will be required to have a license plate and registration sticker.

The license plate and registration sticker are permanent and must remain with the vehicle, displayed in plain sight. A $34.75 registration fee will be collected for the issuance of a three year registration.

ODOT Begins Tweeting Traffic Issues

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is expanding its use of Twitter to help Ohio drivers have a "Worry Free Rush Hour" — by providing information about major traffic delays before motorists hit the road each weekday morning and afternoon.

State Mediating Cemetery Complaints

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, more Ohioans will pay their respects and visit cemeteries throughout the state than at any other time of the year. 

“Cemeteries are important places in our lives because they often serve as the final resting place of our loved ones,” said Kimberly Zurz, Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce. “When Ohioans have a concern about a cemetery, they should first bring the issue to the attention of the cemetery’s management. On those occasions when the issue cannot be resolved, Ohioans can file a complaint with the Ohio Cemetery Dispute Resolution Commission."

Answers Offered To Questions About Census

Have questions about completing your 2010 Census form? By now, thousands of Ohioans have received the Census in the mail, but many are uncertain how to answer some of the questions.

Ohio Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce has created a list of some common problems and answers to help residents complete the questionnaire.

State Warns Against Military Impersonators

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray yesterday warned consumers to watch for scammers who impersonate military members online to swindle money.

“We have recently heard of various scenarios in which con artists claim to be deployed servicemen in order to exploit well-meaning people,” Cordray said. “The stories run the gamut, from selling non-existent cars online to using dating sites to entice women into sending money. These scams are truly despicable.”