I’m Here to Recruit You!

An older Blog of mine from 2009…. I was watching the movie “Milk” the other day which is a powerful film with many things to be taken from it. One thing that captured my attention was his catch phrase, “Hello, I’m Harvey Milk and I’m here to recruit you!” I pondered on that statement and […]

Movie Sequels

OK , life has been quite serious lately so I have decided to break format and blog about something different; movie sequels. Over the weekend, director Cameron Crowe announced that he would like to do a sequel to “Say Anything” (one of the best films of the 80s). This got me to thinking…. what movies […]

Meat the Need

I get the opportunity to work with and talk to many in the Marion, Ohio area that are struggling with getting food. It’s one of the reasons we support a local food pantry by volunteering and keeping a small food pantry for individual needs at our church. However, in talking with folks, I am finding […]

How to Encourage Your Pastor…

A thought jumped into my head in the middle of yesterday’s message at church and I thought I would explore it a little more here in blog form. However, before I do, I want to let you, the reader, know that I am making some assumptions. If you do not fall into these assumptions, this […]

Book Review: Erasing Hell by Francis Chan

There has been a lot of buzz on the topic of Hell ever since Rob Bell came out the book “Love Wins”. Many (including myself) were concerned with some of his writings on the topic. While he brought up several good points about life, it ended up being what I call a “rubber band” book. […]


My wife and I are the blessed parents of two wonderful children. My 19-year-old son is a young man of integrity and our 5-year-old daughter is a bundle of energy. Both are great sources of pride, joy and love. Both are also miracles. Let me explain. I remember the day well that I got the […]

Church on Fire

I gave a message on the church as a whole and how important it is that it is living up to the hype that the Bible says we are to be. That as long as the Bible instructs us to be a real community centered in Christ that loves but in action it is no […]

Church Planting – What’s the Motive?

OK, I will apologize up front because I am aware this next collection of babbling is just that; a collection of babbling. Random thoughts are running through my head and I just want to jot them down more than go through a large process of organizing them so good luck keeping up. First, I am […]