Building Bridges

This morning I want to jot down some thoughts on the three bridges we are trying to build at The Shepherd’s Fellowship (the church I pastor). However, let me first say I am not looking at building bridges with wood and nails but with love and truth. You see, there are many people who have […]

Don’t be a Weak Church Leader

Being a church leader is not always easy or fun. There are seasons you go through where people who are focused on themselves and their motives shake things up and you get caught in the middle of the muck and mire slinging. It’s not a comfortable place to be in. This all came back to […]

Happy Mother’s Day to those Struggling with Mother’s Day

This is a post from my wife, Jenni Hypes… Mother’s Day… Wishing everyone a happy day tomorrow but in the midst of enjoying your day with family, please also tuck in the back of your mind that this holiday is a very tough one for a lot of your friends and maybe even your family […]

Church Pride

To get us started, let me define what I am talking about when it comes to church pride. There is nothing wrong with loving your church (far from it) but for some, it can get into an area of pride. This is especially true for pastors who can get tunneled vision on their vision. I […]

Is Tradition in the Church a Sin?

The other day, I met an older gentleman and as soon as he realized I was a pastor, he shared a story with me on why he left his church that he had been gong to for decades. It seems the pastor had taken the pulpit off the stage. That’s it…… The pastor took the […]

What are you doing with the Word?

One of the Spiritual disciplines we talk about the most is spending time in the Word; reading the Bible, listening to messages, and daily study. We also talk often about how hard it can be to fit time in for this as well as just forgetting. Well, I was reading a section today that speaks […]

Do I have to respond to the sermon?

Before I get into this blog, I want to put forward that I am making an assumption. I am assuming your pastor is called by God, preaches the Word, has a burden for the message God has laid on his heart that week, and begs the Holy Spirit to speak through him (or her) so […]

Happy Easter, Marion!

Yep, the title is pretty much the jist of…. Happy Easter, Marion! If you get this early, you’re invited not only to our church at The Shepherd’s Fellowship at 10:30am but to any Bible – centered church in your area! If not, do the “Do It Yourself: Home Version” by going here…… Blessings, Thomas Hypes […]

Spiritual Snobs

“We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.” Romans 15: 1-2 Snob: noun \ˈsnäb\- One who seeks association with those regarded as social superiors; tends to rebuff, avoid or ignore those […]

Why are you going to “that” church?

Being in the position I am in, I tend to talk with people about a lot about different churches and why they go there. If I am going to be bluntly honest, I get concerned about some of the answers I receive. I have people talking to me about being spiritually dry but they don’t […]