Pastor Appreciation Month

Well, it is pastor’s appreciation month again when all pastor’s secretly hope their congregation will remember them in some way to encourage them. My church has always done a pretty good job at remembering this month and it’s always appreciated. Last year, some gift cards and a surprise moment of honor was heart felt and […]

Back to Church Sunday

Did you know that most people who have stepped out of church have not lost faith in God? We have found that a physical move, a change in schedules, or being hurt by Christians or a church before have effected many when it comes to being in Christian community. At The Shepherd’s Fellowship, we have […]


I have explored in the last couple posts the fact that God calls His children (those who have accepted Jesus as Leader and Forgiver and who follow His way of living instead of the world’s ways) to live in freedom. We have seen that through salvation, we are released from the bondage of this world. […]

Be Thankful

Psalm 9: 1-2 “I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.I will be glad and exult in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.” How much of your prayer life (assuming you have a prayer life) focuses on thanksgiving and […]

Are You “Righteous” or “Wicked”?

There continues to be a disconnect between people who claim to believe in Jesus and how they live. A great majority of those who claim to be Christians or run to God when a tragedy hits live their lives no differently than the world. Here’s some of the ways this manifests…. – Feel they don’t […]

Five “Not Quite” Lies about the Bible

A local church has some new billboards around our town that caught my eye today. It says “Attention Believers: 5 Lies You Should Know About the Bible”. Well, that certainly caught my attention. So when I got back to my office, I pulled up the website to see what all the fuss was about. What […]

How to Pick a Church for Your Kids

In the last couple months, I have had several conversations with people trying to figure out what to do about going to a church that they were not being spiritually fed at but can’t leave because of their kids. After more than 20 years in camping ministry, youth ministry and church leadership, I have heard […]

God in the Midst of Terror

Like most of you, I was taken back when hearing the first reports coming in from the bombings at the Boston Marathon yesterday. Like in previous events, these “close to home” attacks suck me in as I watch the reports, hear personal stories, and struggle with the pain of others. In moments like this, I […]

Concerning Cash

One of the biggest struggles people have is how they handle their money. I hear about it all the time and it causes huge challenges in people’s lives. I believe the biggest contributing factor to this avoidable stress is consumerism. In a Walmart era, we have moved into buying what we want, for as cheap […]

The Shepherd’s Fellowship – On the Air

This morning, I announced at church a new outreach coming from The Shepherd’s Fellowship. In March we will be doing a 1/2 hour radio program on Saturday mornings on two different radio stations. The first one is WDCM which has coverage in the Marion county area that focuses on community service and talk programing. The […]