Back to Church Sunday

Did you know that most people who have stepped out of church have not lost faith in God? We have found that a physical move, a change in schedules, or being hurt by Christians or a church before have effected many when it comes to being in Christian community. At The Shepherd’s Fellowship, we have […]

Thoughts on “Heaven is for Real”

As the movie “Heaven is for Real” comes out on DVD, there is a renewed interest in the story of four year old Colton Burpo. While I am more a fan of the book than the movie, I will admit the movie is very entertaining and uplifting. That said, let me address a couple things. […]

Thinking about leaving your church?

It seems that this time of year is when I start hearing people (from within and outside our church) start talking about not feeling like they are still part of their church family which often leads to changing churches or pulling back. It usually starts with phrases like “It just doesn’t feel the same any […]

God in the Struggle

Many of us are dealing with different struggles and situations that overwhelm us. We try to pull ourselves up by our boot straps and forge on but some days are just tougher than others. For those of us that are Christians (have accepted Jesus as Leader and Forgiver in our lives by acknowledging with our […]

Noah (A Review)

While I have heard a lot of negative about the movie “Noah” before it came out, I tend to keep my mouth shut until I see something for myself. In the past, certain sections of the Christian community has been quick to bash anything Hollywood does for the smallest of details so I wait until […]


A lot of people claim they are a Christian but do not really know what that means. To be a Christian is to be one who has accepted Jesus as Leader and Forgiver in your life by acknowledging with your mouth that He is the Son of God and believing in your heart He died […]

Lent: Partake or Denounce?

While I am used to a couple talks each year about the different views on the practice of Lent, I was surprised how many comments flooded my Facebook page for and against this traditional practice this year. So with that in mind, I was sparked to babble a few words on the topic. For those […]


Discernment comes with spiritual maturity. Often times, people tell me things like “I’m disappointed that God closed that door in that situation or relationship” or “Why would God have things be so hard in this situation since He led me here?” Sometimes personal disappointment and hard days come from following God. Sometimes they come because […]

The Intolerance of Phil Robertson

This morning, America is an uproar over the suspension of Phil Robertson from the hit show Duck Dynasty because of his answers on his beliefs while being asked about them in an interview. There are many petitions, on-line comments and media buzz flying as it appears the two sides of an important discussion clash in […]

Halloween (A christian’s perspective but not what you think)

OK, let me say this first as I tackle this…this is A Christian’s perspective (my perspective not all Christians). A lot of people are ready to lump all people together so I feel the need for a disclaimer. Many Christian’s do not share my viewpoint and many do. I only speak for myself. Halloween does […]