Study shows benefits of higher education for older adults; free classes available through Program 60

Last fall, 66-year-old Mark Bainbridge found himself taking a graduate-level course in military history, the only student in the class who was not working on a Ph.D., and assigned to read a new book each week. You might think that Bainbridge woke up in a cold sweat, having one of those nightmares where you’re back […]

Reliance on ‘gut feelings’ linked to belief in fake news, study finds

People who tend to trust their intuition or to believe that the facts they hear are politically biased are more likely to stand behind inaccurate beliefs, a new study suggests. And those who rely on concrete evidence to form their beliefs are less likely to have misperceptions about high-profile scientific and political issues, said Kelly […]

OSU announces all-time high enrollment

The Ohio State University says they have welcomed “the best-prepared and most diverse” freshman class in university history for autumn 2017. In addition, total university enrollment and Columbus campus enrollment hit record highs, according to the official autumn enrollment report released this week. Students come from every county in Ohio and all 50 states. The […]

Site helps employers fill part-time and temp jobs with college students

Local Marion area employers seeking to hire part-time, seasonal, or full-time employees may post job openings with The Ohio State University free of charge. Each fall new students arrive on campus and many seek part-time employment. They look to the Office of Career Services for available part-time, temporary and other job leads. Likewise, returning enrolled […]

Ohio State University trustees approve tuition and fees, new guarantee

The Board of Trustees has approved new tuition and fees for the 2017-18 academic year and enacted the Ohio State Tuition Guarantee. In-state tuition and mandatory fees will increase 5.5 percent for incoming freshmen on the Columbus campus and, under the guarantee, be frozen at that level for four years. The guarantee, enacted by the […]

When it comes to reading, kindergarten is the new first grade

A new nationwide study has found that children entering first grade in 2013 had significantly better reading skills than similar students had just 12 years earlier. Researchers say this means that in general, children are better readers at a younger age, but the study also revealed where gaps remain – especially in more advanced reading […]

Fan celebrations at Ohio State football games register on a seismic scale

As an institution that values its football traditions and its academic research, The Ohio State University doesn’t just make big plays—it measures exactly how big those plays are, and uses the data to teach students valuable lessons in science. That’s the gist of a new project under way here, where geologists have planted sensors around […]

Marion professor helps launch university-wide teaching institute

Ohio State Marion, Professor Emeritus, Dr. Mary Jo Fresch (College of Education and Human Ecology) was recently selected to serve as a faculty fellow for Ohio State’s newly formed University Institute for Teaching and Learning. The University Institute for Teaching and Learning was developed as part of Ohio State President, Dr. Michael V. Drake’s 2020 […]

OSU study finds unproven claims run rampant in e-cigarette business

Electronic cigarette makers and sellers are making all kinds of health claims, many of which likely won’t stand up to scrutiny under recently announced FDA regulation, a new study has found. Regulatory oversight of those claims, announced in May, brings all tobacco products, including liquids used in vaporizers and e-cigarettes, under the same government oversight. […]

Ohio State University continues comprehensive fee freeze for second year

The Ohio State University Board of Trustees Monday finalized a comprehensive freeze for undergraduates on in-state tuition, mandatory fees, and housing and dining fees for a second straight year. This repeats an affordability accomplishment that had not happened in at least 40 years. The in-state tuition freeze will benefit more than 75 percent of undergraduate […]