Scam Information on Marion Online

Below are articles posted to Marion Online that detail scams and possible scams affecting people in the Marion area. We have also included a widget from the State of Ohio Attorney General's Office that provides updates on current scams. You can grab this widget and place it on your Facebook, MySpace, or other personal sites. Just click on "Share" to get the details.

If you have information on current scams, please let us know by clicking on the "Contact Us" link located above.

If you believe you have been targeted by, or are the victim of a scam, you should contact local authorities. They are constantly working to reduce and eliminate these types of crimes. Call the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 740-382-8224 and/or the Marion City Police Department at 740-387-2525.

Warning About Federal Grant Scams

Federal grant scams are sweeping through Ohio, Attorney General Richard Cordray warned.

"Since early June, my office has received more than a dozen reports of Ohioans who were targeted by scammers posing as grant officers," Cordray said. "Many of the calls appear to originate in the 202 area code. This creates an illusion of legitimacy because 202 is a Washington D.C. area code."

State Moves to Shut Down “Sham Charity”

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray is seeking emergency court orders to prevent Ohioans' contributions from being collected by a Florida-based "veterans" charity being investigated by several states. He also noted troubling revelations that the man who appears to have orchestrated this sham charity made hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions to candidates throughout the United States and in Ohio.

Seniors’ Checks Also Come With Scams

As Ohio senior citizens this week begin to receive $250 Medicare rebate checks in the mail from the federal government, Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray is warning seniors to watch out for accompanying scams.

Caution Urged as Timeshare Scams Rise

Many Ohioans who are looking to resell vacation property timeshare agreements are running into trouble. Within the past two years, complaints to the Attorney General's office involving timeshares have nearly doubled, with the majority coming from shareowners who are attempting to sell.

State Names Top Five Investment Scams

This year’s top five investment scams highlight the importance of educating Ohio investors not only during April’s observance of National Financial Literacy Month, but year-round.  Con artists and scams are a major focus for the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Securities in 2010, which launched the statewide “Con Artist” public awareness campaign in February.

Election Officials Trying To Clear Up Confusion

The Marion County Board of Elections is reminding absentee voters that an additional form may need filled out in order for some ballots to be counted. The Board is also warning voters that contrary to a mass-mailed postcard, you cannot request an absentee ballot for two elections at the same time.

State Warns Against Military Impersonators

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray yesterday warned consumers to watch for scammers who impersonate military members online to swindle money.

“We have recently heard of various scenarios in which con artists claim to be deployed servicemen in order to exploit well-meaning people,” Cordray said. “The stories run the gamut, from selling non-existent cars online to using dating sites to entice women into sending money. These scams are truly despicable.”