Scam Information on Marion Online

Below are articles posted to Marion Online that detail scams and possible scams affecting people in the Marion area. We have also included a widget from the State of Ohio Attorney General's Office that provides updates on current scams. You can grab this widget and place it on your Facebook, MySpace, or other personal sites. Just click on "Share" to get the details.

If you have information on current scams, please let us know by clicking on the "Contact Us" link located above.

If you believe you have been targeted by, or are the victim of a scam, you should contact local authorities. They are constantly working to reduce and eliminate these types of crimes. Call the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 740-382-8224 and/or the Marion City Police Department at 740-387-2525.

Ohio Attorney General issues update on identity theft unit

Ahead of Data Privacy Day (January 28), Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine issued an update on his office’s Identity Theft Unit, which helps victims correct the effects of identity theft. In 2016, the Ohio Attorney General’s Identity Theft Unit received 1,057 complaints and helped victims clear more than $890,000 in fraudulent charges, according to complaint […]

Protect Your Money: a financial resolution for the New Year

As another year draws to a close, Ohio’s Division of Securities and the Division of Financial Institutions are urging Ohioans to protect their hard-earned money from unwise financial decisions and potentially harmful investments. “Being money smart should be a year-round exercise, but at this time of the year some consumers may face a financial crunch […]

10 New Year’s consumer protection tips

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today offered consumer protection tips ahead of the New Year. “Our mission is to protect Ohio’s families,” Attorney General DeWine said. “We want to help consumers avoid scams, identity theft, and other problems. We encourage people to take steps to protect themselves and to contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office […]

Attorney General warns of overpayment scams

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has warned Ohioans to beware of overpayment scams this holiday season. The scam commonly affects businesses, charities, and people who sell items online. In the scam, a con artist pretends to overpay for something (often by providing a counterfeit check or fraudulent credit card) and then asks the victim to […]

Ohio Attorney General warns of family emergency scams

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine warned Ohioans to beware of family emergency scams. Several Ohioans have reported losing thousands of dollars to the scam in recent weeks. In the scam, con artists pose as relatives or friends and claim they need money right away to help with an emergency, such as getting out of jail […]

Attorney General offers consumer tips following Yahoo breach announcement

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine offered tips for consumers following Yahoo’s recent announcement of a data breach affecting more than one billion user accounts. Yahoo has reported it believes the information was compromised in August 2013 and may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, “hashed” passwords, and some security questions and […]

Ohio Attorney General warns of holiday scams

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has warned consumers of scams to avoid this holiday season. “Scams don’t take a break during the holidays, and when people are busy or distracted, they may be more likely to fall for a scam,” Attorney General DeWine said. “We just encourage people to be careful. Take a few minutes […]

Ohio AG warns Indians fans about ticket scams

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has warned Cleveland fans to beware of ticket scams ahead of the World Series, which begins Tuesday in Cleveland, and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ home opener, which takes place the same day. World Series ticket prices spiked after Cleveland eliminated Toronto in the American League Championship Series on Wednesday night. Game […]

Ohioans warned about costly “Fake Check” scam

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor is warning Ohioans that an international mail fraud “fake check” scam has resurfaced in the state that could lead to thousands of dollars in personal losses. Criminals are mailing letters with counterfeit checks instructing recipients to deposit the check and return the amount as a processing fee to “obtain” non-existent […]

Ohioans urged to be generous, exercise caution when responding to Hurricane Matthew relief requests

As Hurricane Matthew continues its path of destruction up the southeastern coast of the United States, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine urges Ohioans to be generous, but exercise caution, when responding to requests for donations to help those who have been affected. “I encourage Ohioans to be generous in the wake of this massive storm […]