Bill would give option to avoid tax “marriage penalty”

A bipartisan state bill would eliminate Ohio’s so-called “marriage penalty” by allowing couples to separately file their state income tax returns. A married couple who each works full time and earns minimum wage pays $159 more a year in income taxes than they would if they filed separately, according to the Ohio Department of Taxation. […]

New state rule limits opioid prescriptions to seven days for acute pain

Ohio doctors can prescribe only seven days of opioids for adults in acute pain, under new rules that begin Thursday. Children are limited to five days. The rules, announced in March and reiterated Wednesday by state medical leaders and Gov. John Kasich, are an attempt to curb dependence on the drugs. The rules could reduce […]

Marion Representative announces Ohio Campus Free Speech Act

State Representatives Wesley A. Goodman (R-Cardington) and Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) announced Tuesday that they are introducing the Ohio Campus Free Speech Act. The bill aims to ensure that the laws, policies, and conduct of Ohio’s public colleges and universities be fully consistent with the First Amendment. Through various legislative updates, the Ohio Campus Free Speech […]

Ohio budget bill eliminated cash benefits to some people with disabilities

Gov. John Kasich and state lawmakers last month quietly eliminated a state safety net program that provided cash benefits to about 6,000 disabled Ohioans with little or no income. The state stopped accepting new applications for the Disability Financial Assistance program July 1 — a change buried in the 3,300-page state budget bill. Ohioans receiving […]

Ohio Bill would allow elected officials to conceal carry inside Statehouse, other government buildings

Ohio legislators and other public officials could carry concealed handguns inside the Statehouse and other government buildings under a bill in the Ohio House. Lawmakers have expanded the list of legal concealed carry places several times in recent years, but the Statehouse has always been off-limits. House Bill 310 would allow concealed carry in all […]

Poll: 57 percent of Ohioans approve of Governor Kasich, evenly split on Senators

Ohio Gov. John Kasich enjoys an approval rating of 57 percent – the 20th highest gubernatorial rating in the country, according to a poll released Tuesday morning. While the lame duck governor — who is term limited and leaves the office in 2018 – has battled with the General Assembly over the budget bill, budget […]

Bill to allow a pass for entering a gun-free zone with a concealed weapon passed by Ohio House

The Ohio House adopted a bill Thursday that would allow concealed handgun license holders to avoid punishment if they enter a gun-free zone such as a school with a weapon. If concealed licensees leave the premises when found with a gun under House Bill 233, they would face no criminal charges. After passing mostly along […]

Ohio House declines to vote on overriding veto on Medicaid expansion freeze, may vote at later date

Ohio’s Medicaid expansion will continue without a freeze on enrollment. The Ohio House on Thursday rejected 11 of Gov. John Kasich’s budget vetoes but did not take a vote to reinstate a proposed freeze on Medicaid expansion enrollment. The House’s inaction on the freeze was seen as a big win for Kasich, who has made […]

Governor vetos 47 items from State Budget, including Medicaid freeze

Gov. John Kasich used his veto pen late Friday night to gut his fellow Republicans’ major Medicaid policy changes in the state budget bill, but the budget battle might roll into the following week. Legislative leaders told lawmakers last week they could be called back to the Statehouse to override any of the governor’s vetoes. […]

Ohio Senate passes ban on abortion technique

The Ohio Senate adopted Wednesday afternoon a bill that will effectively end most second-trimester abortions in the state. Senators voted along party lines, 24 to 9, for Senate Bill 145, which now heads to the House, likely for consideration after the summer recess. The bill bans dilation and evacuation procedures, performed typically between 13 and […]