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The State Budget: Being Responsible Stewards of Taxpayer Dollars

As we put tax day behind us, discussions are intensifying about how the state will be spending your money over the next two years. House Bill 49, which sets the budget for the next two fiscal years, is currently under consideration in the House and will move on to the Senate in early May. Anyone […]

Right-to-Work: It’s high time, Ohio

On February 6th, Missouri’s Governor signed right-to-work legislation into law, making Missouri the 28th state to wake up to the fact that freedom of choice for workers is a major boon for their citizens, businesses, and economies. The Midwest is now swelling with right-to-work states. Both Indiana and Michigan became right-to-work states in 2012. West […]

Prayer Makes a Difference

This guest column was written by Bob Goyer, Community Relations Director of Kingston Residence of Marion Prayer is something that most of us do at some point in our lives. I have never conducted a study on how many people pray, but my guess is that it is a very high percentage. Even if a […]


This guest column was written by Bob Goyer, Community Relations Director of Kingston Residence of Marion What are you worried about? Everyone worries about something at one time or another in their life. Some people seem to worry about everything all the time. They never have any peace or rest from the worry or anxiety. […]

Memory Lane

This guest column was written by Bob Goyer, Community Relations Director of Kingston Residence of Marion Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past. Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders and they will explain to you. Deuteronomy 32:7 I have been going down memory lane recently. For most of […]

HB 50 Takes Needed Steps to Combat Elder Abuse

On June 15th, Ohio marked World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Just two days prior to that, Governor Kasich signed a bill into law that will further our goal of protecting the state’s elderly population in a very meaningful way. House Bill 50, legislation I was proud to sponsor, deals in part with the issue of […]

The Truth about Ending Funding for Planned Parenthood

Capitol Notebook: A Column By U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-OH) I was in a meeting when I first heard about the videos showing health care workers callously discussing the selling of baby body parts and it was almost unbelievable. When I got back to my office and watched one, my heart sunk. As more and […]

Trade creates economic opportunities for Ohio businesses and workers

Capitol Notebook: A Column by U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-OH) Everyone agrees small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy, powering job creation. That’s why I am shocked at the fear-mongering and outright falsities being spread about trade agreements and trade promotion authority. I’ve heard directly from employers like Commercial Vehicle Group in […]

Local parents honored as part of National Foster Care Month

The following column was submitted by Marion County Children Services All children deserve a safe, happy life — including the nearly 510,000 American youth in foster care. Young people in foster care especially need nurturing adults on their side because their own families are in crisis and unable to care for them. Each May, we […]

Good Morning – This is your United Way

The following column was submitted by Pam Stone, United Way of Marion County Director If you call my office and I answer the phone, you’ll hear me say, “Good Morning. This is your United Way – Pam speaking.”   I answer that way to remind both myself and callers that United Way belongs to the people […]