Scam Information on Marion Online

Below are articles posted to Marion Online that detail scams and possible scams affecting people in the Marion area. We have also included a widget from the State of Ohio Attorney General's Office that provides updates on current scams. You can grab this widget and place it on your Facebook, MySpace, or other personal sites. Just click on "Share" to get the details.

If you have information on current scams, please let us know by clicking on the "Contact Us" link located above.

If you believe you have been targeted by, or are the victim of a scam, you should contact local authorities. They are constantly working to reduce and eliminate these types of crimes. Call the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 740-382-8224 and/or the Marion City Police Department at 740-387-2525.

Ohio Attorney General offers charitable giving tips for Giving Tuesday

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today offered charitable giving tips ahead of Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, when donors are encouraged to make charitable contributions amid the holiday shopping season. “There are many worthwhile causes to support, but unfortunately, there are also some con artists who take advantage of the generosity of others,” Attorney […]

Ohio Department of Agriculture offers tips for buying firewood

As winter quickly approaches and more people look to firewood to help heat their homes, the Ohio Department of Agriculture is offering some basic tips to help when purchasing wood. The following firewood rules and regulations are helpful to review: Non-packaged firewood must be sold by the cord or by fractions of a cord. One […]

Ohio AG offers charitable giving tips after Hurricane Michael

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today offered giving tips to Ohioans who want to help those affected by Hurricane Michael. “Ohioans have always reached out to their neighbors in need with compassion and generosity. We’re confident that once again they’ll reach into their pockets to help those who were harmed by Hurricane Michael, and we […]

Ohio Attorney General warns of tech support scams

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is warning consumers to beware of tech support scams, which have been reported by dozens of Ohioans in recent weeks. Tech support scams (also known as computer repair scams) often begin when consumers receive a phone call or warning message claiming there’s a problem with their computer. They are asked […]

Ohioans urged to protect seniors from affinity fraud

Across the country, older Americans are being encouraged to take part in activities promoting wellness and social interaction. While it’s true remaining socially engaged can improve the quality of life for older adults, at the same time, scammers will steal seniors’ money through affinity fraud, which exploits relationships built through common interests and activities. These […]

More tax scams reported as 2018 filing deadline nears

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine warned that more consumers are reporting tax scams ahead of the April 17 tax-filing deadline. In March, the Ohio Attorney General’s Help Center logged more than 340 reports of tax scams, compared to about 160 in January and 280 in February. “Scam artists cast a wide net. They know not […]

ODA recognizes 2018 Weights and Measures Week

Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) Director David T. Daniels celebrated Ohio Weights and Measures Week by certifying a new propane delivery truck and checking scales at two Muskingum County businesses. Weights and measures officials work to both protect consumers and provide fair competition among businesses. ODA’s Division of Weights and Measures works daily with county […]

Ohio Attorney General warns of romance scams

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has warned consumers to beware of online romance scams, which have been reported by several Ohioans in recent weeks. “Sometimes online dating works out very well, but unfortunately, there are some con artists who pretend to be someone they’re not,” Attorney General DeWine said. “They string people along, and at […]

Ohio Attorney General warns of tax scams

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is warning Ohioans to avoid scams this tax season. Since January, the Attorney General’s Office has received about 190 reports of tax-related scams. “Con artists are very good at what they do,” Attorney General DeWine said. “They rely on scare tactics and surprise. When people get scared, they do irrational […]

Ohio Attorney General, FTC announce orders to shut down tech support scam

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and the Federal Trade Commission have announced that the operators of a nationwide computer repair scam have been banned from the tech support business as part of settlements with the FTC and Ohio Attorney General. The settlements resolve a 2017 lawsuit accusing Repair All PC and several related companies and […]