City Council Debates Possible Impact of Reducing Tax Credit

Marion City Council members disagree on the possible impact of reducing a tax credit for those people who live within the City of Marion, but work in other cities. Some members believe there will be few people that choose to move out of the City, while some feel many people will move, which will result in a spirally downturn for the community.

State Says City Must Issue Large Tax Refund

The State of Ohio has informed the City of Marion that they must make a large income tax refund to an unnamed utility company. Deputy Auditor Cathy Chaffin Tuesday evening told the Finance Committee of Marion City Council that the City has been told to refund $298,422.

Chaffin, who also serves as the City’s Tax Commissioner, told committee members that the refund represents an overpayment in 2009.

Ohio Senator Wants Fuel Tax Hike

An Ohio U.S. senator known for bucking the Republican party line is recommending an increase in the federal fuel tax as a way to help balance the federal budget and put Americans back to work.

Change in State Tax Tables to Save Taxpayers Millions

The Ohio Department of Taxation Monday unveiled its first-ever adjustment of Ohio's individual income tax tables for inflation, a move that will save Ohioans an estimated $25 million annually starting with the returns due next spring.

Time Running Out To Apply For Tax Break

Senior citizens and disabled homeowners who are not already enrolled in the property tax relief program known as the homestead exemption have until Monday, June 7 to sign up for the 2010 tax year, according to the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Pleasant Will Make Future Levy Decision Soon

After losing their first attempt at an earned income tax, Pleasant Local Schools are regrouping and working to decide their next move. While another levy is certain, the exact nature of that future levy must still be determined.

City Income Tax Office Open Late This Week

Marion City Auditor Kelly Carr has announced that the Marion City Income Tax Department will be holding extended hours to assist residents of the City of Marion in filing their City Income Tax.

The office will stay open from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 14th and Thursday, April 15th.

The office is located at 223 West Center Street, City Hall building, 3rd floor.

You can call 740-387-6926 with any questions.