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Sean DeWitt is an owner of Neighborhood Image and Marion Online. Sean is a board member of Boys & Girls Club of Marion County and involved with various other non-profits including Downtown Marion, EnVISIONing Marion County, and more.

Group Hopes to Make Marion Parks Cleaner and Safer

A group of volunteers are inviting the entire community to help them clean up parks and playgrounds in the City of Marion on Saturday, July 13, 2013. The goal of “Dream BIG! City Wide Park Clean Up” is to clean up 19 parks and 7 school playgrounds in order to make the spaces safer and […]

After OEPA Denies Extension, Aqua Ohio Starts Use of Chloramine

Aqua Ohio formally notified City of Marion officials late Tuesday afternoon that they would be starting to use chloramine as a secondary disinfectant. The decision to start was made after the Ohio EPA denied a request to for an extension of the current regulations. Aqua Ohio will now use chloramine as a secondary disinfectant in […]

Aqua Ohio to Start Using Chloramine, Hopes Remain for EPA Extension

Saying they probably lacked legal standing, Marion City Council voted Monday evening to pull back on the idea of blocking Aqua Ohio’s plans to start using chloramine as a secondary disinfectant. While the water company and Council stated they will be working together on alternatives, Aqua said after the meeting that they will soon start […]

Aqua Ohio Agrees to Delay Plans as Council Requests More Time

Following hours of discussion Monday evening, Aqua Ohio officials agreed to a request by Marion City Council to further delay implementing their plan to start using chloramines as a secondary disinfectant at the Marion water plant. The delay will last at least through the next full Council meeting scheduled for June 24, 2013. Marion City […]

Water Company Pushes Back Against “Unsafe” Assertions

Aqua Ohio held a presentation for the Marion County Commissioners on Wednesday to explain in more detail their plans to start using chloramines as a secondary disinfectant. Several community members against the change were in attendance and the water company pushed back against their assertions that the process is unsafe. Aqua Ohio officials at the […]

City Council Tells Aqua to Wait on New Chemical, Threatens Stiff Fines

Marion City Council issued a strong rebuke to Aqua Ohio officials following discussions about the water company’s plans to start using chloramine as a secondary disinfectant. Aqua says the process is safe and needed to ensure EPA compliance, but Council members said residents deserve time and alternatives. At the end of a long meeting, Council […]

Council Members Question Water Company’s Chemical Change

Marion City Council members are asking officials with Aqua Ohio to appear at a public hearing to answer questions about their plans to start adding a new chemical as part of the procedures they use to disinfect local water supplies. Water company officials say they plan to attend the meeting to answer questions, but stress […]

City Traffic Commission Discusses Dangerous Intersection, Bike Route

The City of Marion Traffic Commission met Tuesday, May 21, 2013 to discuss a request by residents to improve the safety at the intersection of Woodrow and Uncapher Avenues. While residents asked for the creation of a four-way stop, commission members said they needed more information before making a decision. The intersection has been the […]

Alley Vacation Requested for Proposed Restaurant

Marion City Council’s Streets and Sewers Committee Tuesday evening gave initial approval to a request to vacate a north/south alley between 436, 442 North Main Street and 443 North State Street. The vacation was requested by the property owner, BEC Realty. Vacating an alley means that it is no longer a public roadway and it […]

Councilman Suggests City Provide EMS to Outlying Areas

Marion City Councilman Josh Daniels has suggested that the City should offer its EMS services to outlying residents, particularly the Green Camp area. Daniels, at the City Council meeting Monday evening, said the City’s service would be less expensive and more accountable than those offered by private providers. “I would attest that we have the […]