Ohio House declines to vote on overriding veto on Medicaid expansion freeze, may vote at later date

Ohio’s Medicaid expansion will continue without a freeze on enrollment. The Ohio House on Thursday rejected 11 of Gov. John Kasich’s budget vetoes but did not take a vote to reinstate a proposed freeze on Medicaid expansion enrollment. The House’s inaction on the freeze was seen as a big win for Kasich, who has made […]

Governor vetos 47 items from State Budget, including Medicaid freeze

Gov. John Kasich used his veto pen late Friday night to gut his fellow Republicans’ major Medicaid policy changes in the state budget bill, but the budget battle might roll into the following week. Legislative leaders told lawmakers last week they could be called back to the Statehouse to override any of the governor’s vetoes. […]

State lawmakers set to finish up new budget with another $20 million left to cut

Updated projections released Thursday confirmed Ohio lawmakers will have to close a budget hole a little bigger than $1 billion. The budget bill passed by the Ohio Senate Wednesday already had that goal in mind — senators trimmed spending by about $1 billion. Senators and representatives on the conference committee working on a budget compromise […]

Senate Democrats propose ending Ohio small business tax break to fill State budget hole

Senate Democrats on Thursday pitched their idea to patch the $1 billion state budget hole — eliminate Ohio’s small business tax break. Repealing the business income tax deduction, phased in since 2013, would generate $2.2 billion over the next two years, according to analysis from the nonpartisan Legislative Service Commission. Democrats said the money would […]

Ohio tax revenues down again, mostly from lower personal income taxes

Ohio tax revenues continued to come in below estimates in May but budget officials say the state will still finish the fiscal year in the black. But another month of revenues lagging estimates, which were already adjusted downward last year, is not good news for state lawmakers revising the next two-year state budget bill. State […]

Lawmakers approve Ohio Sales Tax Holiday for back-to-school items

Ohio consumers will again get a back-to-school sales tax break on clothing, school supplies and instructional materials in August. The Ohio House and Senate on Wednesday approved the third annual sales tax holiday for Aug. 4-6. The bill cleared the House in a 92-1 vote and the Senate in a 30-1 vote. If Gov. John […]

Amid budget crunch, small business tax break cost nearly $400 million more than expected

Ohio’s “small business” tax break cost the state about $943 million in taxdollars in 2015, according to the Ohio Department of Taxation. That’s nearly $400 million more than estimated. That year, 605,890 taxpayers claimed the business income deduction for income earned from sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability corporations and s-corporations. The cost for the tax […]

Second Half 2016 real estate taxes due June 20

Second half 2016 real estate tax bills will be mailed next week and are due by Tuesday, June 20th to avoid penalty according to Marion County Treasurer, Jan Draper. Taxpayers who have not received their tax bills by May 26th are urged to call the Treasurer’s Office at 740-223-4030, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. […]

Ohio House passes new budget with over 300 changes

Boozy ice cream, drug prevention taught in driver’s ed and a new mileage reimbursement for state lawmakers were among the additions made Tuesday to Ohio’s next two-year operating budget. The House Finance Committee accepted more than 300 amendments to the budget bill, touching everything from taxes and health care to airport improvements and video poker […]

Comparison shows Ohio’s state income tax “a bargain” in the region

You might not think so at tax time, but Ohio’s state income tax is actually “a bargain” in comparison to other states regionally. In advance of Tuesday’s tax filing deadline, cleveland.com ran a series of basic income and family-size scenarios through the tax forms for Ohio and its five neighboring states – Pennsylvania, West Virginia, […]