State’s March revenues 33 percent less than projected

Ohio’s projected “tight budget” for the next two years got a little tighter Wednesday. Ohio Budget Director Tim Keen told lawmakers on Wednesday he will likely lower revenue projections for the 2018-2019 budget. Ohio tax revenues fell about 33 percent short of projections in March, fueled by yet another month of sluggish income tax payments. […]

Ohio Attorney General warns of increase in reported tax scams as filing deadline nears

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has warned that more consumers are reporting tax-related scams with about four weeks remaining until the April 18 filing deadline. In 2017, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office has logged more than 150 tax scams thus far in March, compared to 80 in January, and 175 in February. “As we get […]

Deadline nears for CAUV renewal applications

Friday, March 3, 2017 is the deadline for initial and renewal of CAUV application forms. These annual forms need to be in the Marion County Auditor’s Office before the first Monday in March. As of February 28, 115 renewals have not yet been received by the Auditor’s Office. Failure to renew can cost farmers thousands […]

Ohio lawmakers propose eliminating sales tax on feminine hygiene products

Tampons, pads and other feminine hygiene products would be sold tax free in Ohio under a bill introduced this week in the Ohio House. Democrat Reps. Greta Johnson of Akron and Brigid Kelly of Columbus say the “pink tax” on the women’s health items unfairly taxes women for a medical necessity. House Bill 61 would […]

Governor proposes Sales Tax increase, How much would it cost you?

Gov. John Kasich wants to increase Ohio’s sales tax by a half-percentage point, a move that would add pennies, nickels and dimes to most purchases. But over the course of a year, what would the tax hike cost you? The answer for a typical Ohio family is likely close to $70 a year in new […]

Ohio Senate, House Leaders push back on Governor’s budget proposal

Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof responded to Gov. John Kasich’s proposed tax cut package by saying he supports lowering state income tax rates but isn’t interested in “tax shifting” to get there. The tax package, proposed as part of the state’s two-year budget, would cut income taxes 17 percent over two years. The cut is […]

Ohio income tax filing season opens on January 23

Ohio taxpayers may file their 2016 state income tax returns with the opening of the income tax filing season on January 23, 2017. Again this year, the top priority for the Ohio Department of Taxation is to ensure that taxpayers’ personal and tax information remain secure as criminals step up attempts across the internet to […]

Real estate taxes due February 6

First half 2016 real estate tax bills are in the mail and are due Monday, February 6, 2017 to avoid penalty, according to Marion County Treasurer Jan Draper. There is a new format for the tax bills starting with this collection.  The bills are now full page.  The color on the bills is orange. Taxpayers […]

Governor warns Ohio on verge of recession as tax revenue falls

Gov. John Kasich warned lawmakers Tuesday that Ohio is “on the verge of a recession” as state tax revenues continue to fall short of expectations. According to Kasich’s budget office, state tax income revenue was $99 million, or 5 percent, below projections, the second straight month revenue has been lower than anticipated. So far this […]

Governor warns next year’s State budget will be “tight”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Wednesday that the next state budget will be “tight” following lower-than-anticipated state revenues. “There’s not going to be a lot of growth in any [state] program,” Kasich told reporters in suburban Columbus. “It’s going to be tight. There’s not going to be an ability to give significant percentage increases.” At […]