My wife and I are the blessed parents of two wonderful children. My 19-year-old son is a young man of integrity and our 5-year-old daughter is a bundle of energy. Both are great sources of pride, joy and love. Both are also miracles. Let me explain. I remember the day well that I got the […]

Ohioans Should Have the Freedom to Determine Fate of Job-Killing Health Care Mandates

Column submitted by Rep. Jeff McClain State Representative Jeff McClain (R-Upper Sandusky) today expressed disappointment that despite unanimous support from the House Republican Caucus, the Ohio House failed to pass Senate Joint Resolution 1, which would propose an amendment to the Ohio Constitution to preserve the freedom of Ohioans to choose their health care and […]

Church on Fire

I gave a message on the church as a whole and how important it is that it is living up to the hype that the Bible says we are to be. That as long as the Bible instructs us to be a real community centered in Christ that loves but in action it is no […]

Church Planting – What’s the Motive?

OK, I will apologize up front because I am aware this next collection of babbling is just that; a collection of babbling. Random thoughts are running through my head and I just want to jot them down more than go through a large process of organizing them so good luck keeping up. First, I am […]

Facebook Profile vs. Page – Use the Right Type

If you’ve ever gone to what you thought was a business page on Facebook only to see a button that says “Add as Friend,” then you’ve just witnessed a violation of Facebook’s terms. It doesn’t really mean anything to you, but this business or organization is in danger of being shut down by Facebook. We’ve […]

7 Tips for Effective Online Advertising

Can I share a secret with you? It absolutely drives me crazy to see a local business take the plunge into the online advertising world with a banner ad that won’t get results! What’s the point in advertising online if you are failing right from the start with a banner ad that fails to attract […]